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Dear colleagues,

welcome to the pages of the Czech Society for Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopy, which was founded in 2002. Our goal is to associate physicians and medical personnel with common interests and thus defend them.

We believe that steadfast action will allow us to better enforce and defend our interests, and it may be also helpful to other orthopaedic and trauma medicine societies with which our Society has been co-operating in the past years.

We would be glad if these internet pages became a constant source of information not only for the members of our Society, but also for others interested in the speciality of arthroscopy and sports traumatology, both professionals and laymen. We would like to remind you that the activity of our Society depends not only on the approach taken by the members of the Board, but also on the active stand taken by individual members.

We would thus like to invite you to present your opinions and comments, to address questions to the members of the Board, or to discuss issues related to the Society’s activities. To contact the Society’s Board, Secretariat or individual members, please refer to “Contacts” on our web pages.

For the Board
Doc. MUDr. Vojtěch Havlas, PhD.
the Chairman of the SSTA

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